EfVET Newsletter, September 2016

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The European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) is soon to enter its third year of its second round of Erasmus+ funding. The EBBD offers the opportunity for students to receive the acknowledgement and recognition of having the ability to speak a second European language at the A2 level, whilst also offering both key business skills and business knowledge.

These facets are increasingly important in an ever globalising world. There are currently EBBD accredited institutions and schools across numerous European countries, which offer their students the opportunity to receive the EBBD diploma. The current round of EU funding is supporting the EBBD project and is designed to make the application process for new institutions and schools ever easier and widen the EBBD award to adult education. It is also being used to highlight the many benefits to employers and national agencies that students who reach the EBBD standards can bring to industry and local and national economies.

It is important to the EBBD project that schools and institutions go through a rigorous assessment process before they can offer the EBBD award to their students. However, the assessment of new schools and institutions, who would like to offer the EBBD award to their students, is currently being streamlined using a new electronic tool. This is designed to make it easier than ever for new schools who meet the requirements of the EBBD award to submit an application to be accredited, whilst still making sure that the EBBD award recognises the high graduate standards it has always represented.

Due to these developments there has never been a better time to consider EBBD accreditation. More information about the EBBD project and award can be found at: http://eurobacdiploma.eu/. The EBBD will be represented at the annual EFVET conference in Valencia, so we look forward to meeting you there. So please do come and speak to us and we would love to answer any questions that you might have.

Best wishes and we look forward to meeting you in Valencia!


Dr Robin Bell

Worcester Business School

The project number of EBBD+ is: 2014-1-FI01-KA202-000880

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