EfVET Newsletter, September 2015

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EBBD+ – companies cherish soft skills acquired

Every year Europe grows closer together; in political, social and most importantly in economic aspects. These challenges require a readiness for mobility, extensive soft skills and business competence in order to be able to comfortably deal with international business questions.

Results from the project’s survey and desk research show how much employers emphasize soft skills when looking for employees, such as verbal communication, teamwork, the ability to apply professional and technical knowledge in the work place, responsibility, work ethic, reliability, complex problem solving and thinking critically. They are looking for employees who are flexible resilient and adaptable.

The EBBD portfolio has been specifically designed with these soft skills and competences in mind: As (international) projects and simulations based on team work rank highly in the EBBD portfolio, content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and internships abroad are mandatory, EBBD students develop the above mentioned soft skills and competences during their educational programme. In the past this has not been obvious in the EBBD portfolio. One first result from the last project meeting in Vienna in May is the amended portfolio that clearly states the soft skills fostered by EBBD.

Graduates receive a harmonized and accredited European qualification going beyond the national framework for professions in the field of business administration, attested in an additional, internationally renowned certificate, which also serves as preparation for academic studies with a European focus.

The diploma is for all students in vocational education and training of upper secondary business education in Europe. The diploma requirements make it possible to take into account the needs of adult learners and enable the validation of non-formal and informal learning. Adjusting the EBBD profile from the previous project to the needs of adult learners is a challenge the project team is currently working on. A first version including adult learners’ needs has been developed.

Besides contacting and acquiring institutions which are interested in offering EBBD, the project has created a platform for present EBBD students and EBBD graduates to share their experiences and show what competences they have acquired during the programme, especially during their internships abroad. Photos, interviews and a motivation movie give lively evidence of the student’s commitment to their studies and the achieved competences. As the first EBBD graduates have been studying respectively working for two years now, we are hoping for additional experiences in working life or at university.

The page has already received 81 Likes and some posts have reached up to 247 people. You want to see yourself? Come and visit the EBBD Facebook site on https://www.facebook.com/ebbdplus.

Ute Schmitt

BBS Wirtschaft I, Ludvigshafen, Germany






The project number of EBBD+ is: 2014-1-FI01-KA202-000880

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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