EfVET Newsletter, June 2016

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EBBD Hungarian National Dissemination Event

“How to become an EBBD school?”

The Hungarian national dissemination event for the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma was held at Andrássy György Catholic Business Academy on 7th April 2016 with the participation of professionals (secondary school principals, vice-principals and teachers) from all over the country.

To begin with, Ms Éva Rozmán, principal of the host institution, gave an introduction concerning EBBD. She also outlined the origins of EBBD and advanced with the description of the current EBBD + Erasmus + project, expounding on further developments, including revision and the inclusion of adult learners. She compared the EBBD curriculum with the national curriculum of the country, highlighting opportunities but also mentioned difficulties in the adaptation of EBBD in Hungarian secondary schools.

After the introduction, Ms Gabriella Varga, teacher of Economics, gave an example of using the learning areas of EBBD, presenting possible ways of teaching the required skills and competences. Mr Krisztián Pásztor, teacher of Economics and English, emphasised the importance of softskills and the possible methods of incorporating them in secondary vocational education.

Finally, Mr Norbert Schmidt, teacher of English involved in the internationalisation of the school, described the relevance of on-the-job training abroad, the necessary documents and gave hints for securing Erasmus + grants for mobility projects. He also presented the new EBBD + website and traced the accreditation process.

The participants of the national dissemination event had numerous questions and enquired about many different aspects of introducing EBBD in their own institutions. Their questions focused on the curriculum, the accreditation process and the possible internationalisation of their own secondary schools. The presenters answered the participants’ questions and encouraged them to examine the possibility of offering EBBD to their business students. Several schools expressed genuine interest in the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma, so we are looking forward to welcoming them as new EBBD certified institutions in the future!

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For more information, visit http://eurobacdiploma.eu/

Andrássy György Catholic Business Academy (in Hungarian: Andrássy György Katolikus Középiskola): http://ekszi.hu/ (website in Hungarian)

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