EfVET Newsletter, June 2015

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12 points for EBBD + vision in Vienna

Diploma of excellence for students in vocational business studies, EBBD, was successfully developed further in the sunny Eurovision song contest city Vienna on May 18 – 19. This was the second project meeting however the partners have had several Skype meetings since the kick-off meeting in October 2014.

The EBBD diploma has been developed in a previous project 2010-2013. One of the main outcomes of the EBBD+ project is to broaden the target group of the diploma for all which means both young and adult learners. The requirements of the diploma will facilitate the validation of non-formal and informal learning. Another important outcome is a simple web-based accreditation tool to make the process easy for applicant schools and institutions.

International Business College Hetzendorf hosted the meeting and the delicious Vienna Jause kept the participants in a positive tune. International Business College students presented the conclusions of questionnaires which had been sent to European secondary vocational and further education providers.

Hungarian partner concluded the needs of working life and employers based on questionnaires which had been sent to European employers and a report of seven EU- working life reports. Andrassy György Katolikus Közgazdasagi Közepiskola together with other project partners will modify the EBBD diploma to include also adult learners and the needs of employers and further education. Especially the importance of soft skills is emphasized in the amended diploma.

The partner from the Netherlands made important questions about the need for training materials. Summa College will lead the development work of training materials to support the schools in implementing the requirements of the diploma into their teaching.

Partners from Germany presented proposals which will move the project forward. BBS Wirtschaft I Ludwigshafen had launched a Facebook page for the diploma and this will especially target the students who have been awarded the diploma or would like to get the diploma. Rudolf Rempel Berufskolleg will simplify the accreditation process and develop web tools for applicant schools.

The Danish partner collected the means of marketing. Aalborg Handelsskole had compiled the dissemination plan which will steer the project in effective marketing. The main means will be website, newsletters, national and international dissemination events as well as flyer and brochure.

The partner from United Kingdom made sure that the project produces valuable results. University of Worcester evaluated the results of the questionnaires and reports. They also brought the view of further education in the important issue of transferable soft skills.














EfVET has provided Europe wide dissemination and the next project meeting will be in Paphos Cyprus in connection with the EfVET conference.  EBBD e.V. association promotes the EBBD+ diploma and in Vienna the association decided to support financially the development work of EBBD web site.

Finland added the needs of new target group, adults, to the diploma requirements. Helsinki Business College presented the conclusions of questionnaires which had been sent to European adult education providers and also a report on adult education implementation in European countries. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences reported the results of process evaluation and based on those the process moves on time and efficiently. Helsinki Business College also enjoyed coordinating the team work between dedicated partners.

Finding the same tune and making necessary decisions deserves 12 points.

Kaisu Luukka

Helsinki Business College, Helsinki, Finland







The project number of EBBD+ is: 2014-1-FI01-KA202-000880

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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