EfVET Newsletter, December 2016

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The 2016 EBBD+ transnational partner meeting took place at the SH Valencia Palace in Valencia, Spain on the 25th and 26th of October. After having met virtually in several Skype meetings and webinars over the year, all the members were delighted to see each other in person once again. The lovely city of Valencia made the perfect location with its picturesque surroundings and around 25°C at the end October.

The very pleasant Hotel resembled a beehive full of experts in vocational education and training in that week as the partner meeting took place in course of the international EfVET conference. Courtesy of the Finnish project coordinators, the meeting was excellently prepared and much progress has been made during the two very productive days.

The first day of the meeting was primarily spent on discussing the new accreditation tool and customer database. The colleagues from Rudolf Rempel Berufskolleg of Bielefeld presented the considerable progress they have made in developing these and incorporating them into the EBBD+ website. Heated discussion was going on among the project partners about a lot of most relevant details, and finally all project partners came to a decision on what should be implemented in the accreditation tool which will subsequently be brought into practice. Closing the first, very productive, day, the project partners met for a joint dinner in an excellent restaurant in the old town of Valencia where brisk exchange of ideas continued and also room for socializing was given.

Another major topic of the meeting was the training material for the diploma, coordinated by the colleague from Summa Business College, Netherlands. Various training materials have already been uploaded by the partners and shall now be made accessible to the public. The common aim of all partners is here to provide a multitude of materials for all existing and future EBBD candidates across Europe.

As dissemination is of vital importance in an EU funded project like this, much effort has been made to make EBBD public on the social media. Most project partners are now able to manage the project’s Facebook site and continuously update the internet community on EBBD news as, for instance, pictures of work placements across the planet. It is now thought about also using other social media channels for dissemination purposes.

Moreover, an updated, very well made, brochure was presented by colleagues from Ludwigshafen which will be made accessible in a printable version to all EBBD+ partners and therefore enhance public relations and likewise the dissemination of the project.

Ending two days of proactive communication and heated discussions with a multitude of actual outcomes, some of the partners went back to their home countries – most of them, however, took part in the annual EfVET conference taking place in the venue. Apart from upcoming Skype meetings, the project partners will next meet in Helsinki in May 2017.


Nina Leitner-Preschern

IBC Hetzendorf, Vienna, Austria


European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – Conference in Denmark

Aalborg Business College has arranged a conference about European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) the November 1st in Aalborg. 45 delegates from 11 Danish colleges participated in this Multiplier Event under Erasmus project EBBD+, which will end September 2017.

Several presentations about bilingual programmes were presented among other our member Kent Andersen, Odense Technical College about CLIL4YOU.

In the afternoon several workshops were held:

1.Wishes and requirements for English language material

2. What considerations and how you work with bilingual education at your school – consider:

  • Requirements for student group
  • Preparing teachers

3. Pedagogical and didactic considerations in relation to:

  • What should not academic English teacher be aware of?
  • How can English teachers, if necessary, be involved?

4. Wishes for future meetings / network / conferences


Jens Otto Petersen, Aalborg Business College

The project number of EBBD+ is: 2014-1-FI01-KA202-000880




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