EfVET Newsletter, December 2014

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The EBBD+ project is now started after the first partner meeting in Helsinki the 2nd October 

A three year Erasmus+ project kicked-off on the 2nd of October in Hesinki. The project develops and disseminates the EBBD diploma, a Europe-wide standardized business certificate of excellence. EBBD+ is a diploma, which was developed within our previous Comenius project in 2010-2013. This kind of diploma was born because of the objective in many EU Countries, that the whole generation should get upper secondary education either in vocational education and training or in general upper secondary school.


1. Helsinki Business College Oy

2. Andrássy György Katolikus Közgazdasági Középiskola

3. International Business College BHAK 12

4. University of Worcester

5. Stichting ROC Summa College

6. Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg, Kaufmännische Schule der Stadt Bielefeld

7. European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) e.V.

8. Aalborg Handelsskole

9. Berufs-bildende Schule Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen


















This project seeks to provide the graduates of upper secondary vocational education and training the means to demonstrate their skills and competences in order to get employment or get admitted to futher studies through the following results:

1. EBBD diploma is suitable for both adult and young students in Europe

  • The diploma has been developed to acknowledge non-formal and informal learning acquired by adult students
  • The technical requirements of the diploma have been tested to suit also adult students and the requirements have been revised according to the feedback of adult education experts.

2.EBBD diploma has been developed for the needs of working life and is recognized and valued by the working life in Europe

  • Learning outcomes of the diploma are based on working life competences which are valid widely in Europe
  • Qualifications needed in the working life of the future
  • Renewed descriptions of learning outcomes have been tested by worklife and improved according to the feedback

3. EBBD diploma improves the further education possibilities of vocational education graduates in Europe

  • The developed diploma covers the competences needed in order to qualify for a study place in the institutions of higher education.

4. The vocational education providers in Europe have the same understanding of the competences and learning outcomes

  • Workshops for the teachers about the best practices of assessing key-competences

5. The possibilities for learners to acquire the EBBD diploma are widely available in Europe

  • The vocational education providers know about the EBBD diploma
  • The accreditation process is simple for the applying schools

The project team will work together to achieve these results with the intention that they will be easily accessible and of benefit to VET and HE learners, colleges, organisations and businesses across Europe. More information: http://www.eurobacdiploma.eu/en/

Jens Otto Petersen

Aalborg Handelsskole, Aalborg, Denmark







The project number of EBBD+ is: 2014-1-FI01-KA202-000880

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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