When? What? 
05.10.10 Kick-off-meeting in DE-Berlin 
29./30.11.10 1st partner meeting in AT-Vienna
07./08.04.11 2nd partner meeting in DK- Aalborg
27./28.06.11 Editorial meeting in DE-Bielefeld with project partners and the external evaluator, the University of Cologne
1./2.12.11 Evaluation meeting in FI-Helsinki with project partners and the external evaluator, the University of Cologne
until 31.01.12 First preliminary final version of the curriculum
until 28.02.12 Publishment of the curriculum as a short version and a complete version
19.03.12 1st Conference for Dissemination in DE-Berlin 
31.03.12 Progress report for the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in BE-Brussels (EACEA)
19./20.04.12 3rd partner meeting in HU-Eger
07.06.12 1st steering group meeting in NL-Eindhoven
August 2012 Product evaluation (internal) and process evaluation (external)
06.03.13 2nd steering group meeting in RO-Targoviste
07./08.03.13 4th partner meeting in RO-Targoviste
01.04.13 Brochure in DE, DK, EN, HU, NL, RO, RU
02.04.13 Report on possibilities of implementation – also in other European countries
08.04.2013 Publishment of the complete portfolio, including an exemplarily application for ECVET (prototype)
until 06.05.13 Evaluation reports (external) on product and process
23./24.05.13 2nd Conference for Dissemination in NL-Eindhoven
18.09.13 3rd steering group meeting in FI-Helsinki
19./20.09.13 5th partner meeting in FI- Helsinki
30.11.13 Final report to EACEA in BE-Brussels, including final reports (external) on product and process evaluation (EACEA)