Re-accreditation Procedure

EBBD has been successfully implemented and many schools have been accredited as EBBD colleges. When three (3) years have gone after the initial accreditation the colleges need to go through the process of re-accreditation. The re-accreditation is necessary because the colleges and EBBD e.V.need to keep on track on EBBD implementation and also the responsible staff can change during this time,  The following two forms are needed:

  1. Annual report for three (3) years to document the implementation of EBBD at a college.
  1. Application for re-accreditation

Verification elements:

  • Renewed obligation to follow the EBBD standards, principles and practices, the EBBD portfolio, the requirements for students’ EBBD certificates as shown in their actual form on the EBBD website.
  • Documentation of changes that have been made with regard to the original verification for accreditation.

Explanation why the mentioned changes have been made and description of the                  implemented changes.

  • Documentation of programme development, the number of students who took part in the programme and the number of graduates during the accreditation period.
  • Application for Reaccreditation form

These forms are submitted through the Accreditation tool directly to the verifier. The maximum size of the forms is 5 Mb.