Re-accreditation Procedure

EBBD has been successfully implemented for more than 3 years now and many schools have been accredited as EBBD colleges. Now the first accredited colleges have to go through the process of re-accreditation.

After the thorough application process each college had to pass before the accreditation, EBBD+ project partners and EBBD e.V. board members wanted to make the process of re-accreditation as simple as possible.

The first step is to request a compulsory annual report for all accredited EBBD colleges that helps document the implementation of EBBD at a college. The EBBD+ project has developed a form for an annual report that facilitates the documentation and is available for all accredited colleges via the EBBD website (non-public area).

As (re-)accreditation covers a period of 3 or 5 years respectively, and the responsible staff can change during this time, an annual documentation is necessary for both: the colleges themselves to keep on track and EBBD e.V. to see that the promised steps during the accreditation process have been taken.

Based on these annual reports the re-accreditation process can be kept very simple.

Only 4 verification elements have to be provided for re-accreditation.

  1. Renewed obligation to follow the EBBD standards, principles and practices, the EBBD portfolio, the requirements for students’ EBBD certificates as shown in their actual form on the EBBD website.
  2. Documentation of changes that have been made with regard to the original verification for accreditation. This could be done with reference to the annual report (A), a separate documentation (D) or via other supporting documents (O).
  3. Documentation of programme development and achieved/realized activities, especially the number of students who took part in the programme and the number of graduates during the accreditation period.
  4. Explanation why the mentioned changes have been made and description of the implemented changes.

The developed re-accreditation form is designed accordingly and can be filled in easily.