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Berufsbildende Schule Wirtschaft I in Ludwigshafen



The commercial high school of BBS Wirtschaft I in Ludwigshafen prepares for A-levels within three years. Students can achieve a general qualification for university entrance which allows them to study at all universities and colleges in Germany.

Students at our commercial high school are not only supposed to acquire a broad knowledge in business studies and economics but also to form their own personality by joined-up thinking, value oriented behaviour and responsible participation in public life.

Subjects during senior classes focus on economic science, especially the advanced courses in

  • (bilingual) business studies
  • economics
  • digital data processing

Study trips to corporations such as BASF, Vögele, Audi and Daimler and excursions to the European Parliament in Strasbourg or the ECB in Frankfurt complement lessons and provide useful insight into praxis.

At the moment French and Spanish can be chosen as a second foreign language.

As of late students at our commercial high school have the opportunity to attend the following lectures and achieve ECTS points while still in school

  • applied digital data processing at the University of Mannheim
  • international trade, marketing, outbound logistics etc. at the college of Ludwigshafen, degree programme logistics

For further information please consult our homepage: www.bbsw1-lu.de


VTC 1, Leipzig (DE)


As part of the Vocational Training College ‘Berufsschulzentrum 1 Leipzig’ our secondary school prepares for the A-level exams over three years with an emphasis on economics. After successful completion the students get their Abitur, which enables them to study at all universities and universities of applied sciences.

The students of our secondary school acquire deep knowledge of Economics and Business Administration. A variety of additional classes are offered to promote general knowledge. Furthermore, we attach importance to an excellent training of languages as well as offerings in Art and Sports. Specially designed projects develop special skills in the fields of communication and presentation.

In grades 12 and 13 the advanced courses Economics and Business Administration including Accountancy are taught in the languages English or German.

In the context of EBBD education the advanced courses in the subjects mentioned above as well as the basic courses in Economic Geography and History/ Social Studies are partly taught bilingually. The subject European Art combines elements of the courses Literature, Music and Art.

Either French or Spanish can be chosen as a second foreign language. In the EBBD context Russian is taught as a third foreign language at level A2.

At the end of grade 12 the students complete a four-week internship abroad where they can put their language skills and their acquired business knowledge into practice.

In addition to the lessons taught at school there are meetings with representatives from business and politics as well as excursions to firms located in or near Leipzig. Employees from regional firms and representatives of local universities and academies personally advise our students on academic courses or other attractive career chances.

Please see our homepage for further information.