Netzwerk zur Entwicklung und Verbreitung eines europäischen Wirtschaftsabiturs (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma) – EuroBacDiploma


Basic idea of the project was to create a certificate European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – EBBD that is harmonised throughout Europe and that enables the beneficiaries to acquire additional competences in the areas of economy, Europe, languages and mobility.

For realising this idea the multi-lateral Comenius-Project „Netzwerk zur Entwicklung und Verbreitung eines europäischen Wirtschaftsabiturs (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma) – EuroBacDiploma“ with a project’s duration from 01.10.2010 until 30.09.2013 was applied for and approved.

11 partners from Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Hungary and Russia (as a third party country) were partners in the project and represent vocational schools / colleges, universities, a non-profit association and a government authority. Other organizations in different countries such as teachers’ associations, government agencies, schools and other professional organizations also supported this European project. The project was coordinated by Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg, DE-Bielefeld.

The project’s targets were the development of an EBBD-Portfolio and its implementation – at the institutions of the project partners as a first step – as well as defining and testing procedures for accreditation and certification. By means of accompanying evaluation processes and by dissemination strategies necessary adjustments were identified and extending the certificate within the project’s countries and also to other European countries was supported. Through the integration of the association EBBD e.V. sustainability was ensured after the project was completed.

The project was evaluated by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, FI-Helsinki, the University of Cologne, DE-Köln and the University Paderborn, DE-Paderborn.

The portfolio which defines EBBD standards focuses on learning outcomes. These were written as competent abilities from the three perspectives of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Knowledge, Skills and Competence mainly on the EQF levels 4 and 5.

The Project Coordinator: RRB


Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg, Kaufmännische Schule der Stadt Bielefeld, An der Rosenhöhe 5, 33647 Bielefeld

The Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg (a vocational college) currently has contacts with partner schools through joint projects in Aalborg (DK), Béthune (FR), Eger (HU), Eindhoven (NL), Ettelbruck (LU), Helsinki (FI), Herning (DK), Hertford (GB), Izmir (TR), Novgorod (RU), Opava (CZ), Targoviste (RO), Vanse (NO) and Vienna (AT).


Contact Information:


Christiane Wauschkuhn

Tel.: +49-(0) 521 / 51-5412


Project Coordination:

Andrea Lütgemeier

Tel.: +49-(0)521-515410


Astrid Brose

Tel.: +49-(0)521-515410

Project Partners


The International Business College Hetzendorf is a vocational school in the secondary and tertiary sector specializing in the field of international business and trade and providing its graduates with a general certificate of education and business licenses.

Through a team-teaching model IBC provides a bilingual education in English and German with French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese as second foreign languages.

The major fields of specialisation are:

·         Management, accounting and controlling

·         International marketing and analyses

·         Information technology and information management

·         Bilingual international business studies

In special subjects students acquire cultural awareness and all the skills necessary for operating in foreign markets. We have a long term experience in operation practise firms and numerous partners in the European practise firm market.

Since 1996 we are engaged in total quality management using the EFQM model.

For further information please visit our website:

Student Flyer

Aalborg Business College


Aalborg Business College is a centre for new knowledge. We offer a wide variety of business-oriented degree programmes and courses for teens, adults and companies. The combination of an international perspective on day-to-day events, a strong teaching staff, and on-going development of our programmes makes us one of the region’s preferred institutes of learning.

We work in three areas: 

·         HG – basic training in retail/trade and office work 

·         HHX – upper secondary education within the field of retail/trade and office work Having passed this higher commercial examination the graduates can either go on studying or they can perform an internship 

·         Courses – training programmes for private enterprises and the public sector (e.g. IT, languages, economics, sales and communication).  

For further information please visit our website:

Student Flyer

Helsinki Business College (FI)

Helsinki Business College

Helsinki Business College is a private college, which is supervised and financed by the Ministry of Education. The college has 3 100 students and over half of them are full time students.

The college provides mainly education for the secondary level Vocational Qualifications in Business and Administration and in Information and Communication Technology and is the largest provider of secondary vocational education and training in these fields in Finland. We have also a department for adult and further education.

The objective of the college is to educate professionals and thus support the development of working life in the capital region.

For further information please visit our website:

Student Flyer English

Student Flyer Finnish

HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki (FI)

Haaga Helia

HAAGA-HELIA in a nutshell

Through education, research and development, HAAGA-HELIA prepares professionals for business and services. We offer our students a versatile choice of studies, great opportunities for specialisation, high-quality education in Finnish, Swedish and English, and wide business networks even during the studies. Our approximately 10 600 students and 700 employees at HAAGA-HELIA base their activities on highly advanced national and international expertise. HAAGA-HELIA is part of the Finnish public educational system. It is privately run but supervised and co-funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Our fields of education are business, hotel, restaurant and tourism management, information technology, journalism, management assistant training, sports management and vocational teacher education.

The vocational teacher education programme is meant for teachers (and teacher applicants) who plan to work at universities of applied sciences or at vocational institutions/colleges. The HAAGA-HELIA vocational teacher education programme in English is recommended for students who are not proficient in Finnish.

The programme comprises 60 credit points (former 35 credit units). It includes 25 credit points of basic studies in pedagogy which can be replaced by previous academic studies on education. The programme can be completed flexibly through our regular programme in one and a half years.

The teacher education programme combines a strong theoretical foundation with an investigative and developmental approach to teaching and the student-teacher experience. It has a special emphasis on the integration of theory and practice, as well as on encouraging students to participate developmental efforts in their own institutions. It fosters an investigative and development oriented approach to teaching.

For further information please visit our website:

Summa Business Eindhoven (NL)

Summa College

Summa Business Eindhoven is a large regional institute providing a wide variety of vocational training courses. Its Trade and Marketing College ranks among the best in the country and offers courses in retailing, wholesaling and international business. A range of modern teaching methods as well as quality-oriented staff make this a very attractive college for those students wishing to acquire essential business skills.

 Training courses are offered at various levels:

           ·           level 2: basic sales skills in retailing and wholesaling

           ·           level 3: intermediate-level course for sales staff and commercial assistants

           ·           level 4: advanced studies in International Business, Account Management and Wholesale Management.

 For further information please visit our website:

Student Flyer

Colegiul Economic ‘Ion Ghica’, Targoviste (RO)


As a European school, and according to the tradition in the field of education, general and professional education or services the Colegiul economic ‘Ion Ghica’ Târgovişte serves the personal and professional development of its pupils and students in a high-quality teaching process in the sense of lifelong learning with the main objective of social and professional integration.

In the focus of our activities is the training and education of students to lead them to self-dependent acting in preparation for everyday and professional life situations. Our school life is marked by a respectful treatment of all those involved in school life. This tolerance and peacefulness, communication and cooperation, motivation and sense of responsibility, honesty, credibility and helpfulness are particularly important to us.

For further information please visit our website:

Andrássy György Katolikus Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola (Catholic Vocational School for Economics), Eger (HU)

Andrássy György Katolikus Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola

“Andrássy György” Vocational School of Economics is 90 years old. We would like to keep our traditions along with a continuous renewal. Our basic activity is secondary vocational education for students in the fields of economics, trade and marketing and tourism.

Moreover, we offer vocational trainings for students after getting their secondary school leaving certificate providing nationally accredited certificates in the following fields:

  • marketing and advertising assistant
  • logistics administrator,
  • financial administrator
  • foreign trade salesperson

Our objective is that through a practise oriented training the students can achieve competences, which enable them to find a good job.

We attach great importance to develop competences in foreign languages, IT and mathematics.

For further information please visit our website:

Student Flyer

Association EBBD e.V., Bielefeld (DE)


The association EBBD e.V. aims at establishing and disseminating the „European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – EBBD“. Schools that are interested in evaluating the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma as pilote schools during the project’s time (01.10.2010 until 30.09.2013) are asked to contact the association:

EBBD e.V. c/o Rudolf-Rempel-Berufskolleg
An der Rosenhöhe 5
33647 Bielefeld


EU-Geschäftsstelle Wirtschaft und Berufsbildung at the Bezirksregierung Detmold (DE)

Bezirk Detmold

The EU-GWB is part of the Bezirksregierung Detmold, one of five regional governments in Northrhine-Westphalia. With the support of the State Ministry of Education, the regional inspectors for vocational training and education have organized in the EU-GWB a team of specialized and experienced FE teachers who support the regional colleges of further education in running projects funded both nationally and by the European Union. All projects are innovative, some are transnational and all of them have an emphasis on promoting professional training and education in various fields. In many projects the EU-GWB cooperates with regional SMEs and other training organisations. The EU-GWB supports colleges in planning, implementing and evaluating projects. It informs colleges about appropriate EU-programmes and is also responsible for the dissemination and transfer of the results. In addition the EU-GWB supports and organizes different Leonardo da Vinci projects. Transnational partners of the EU-GWB and the individual colleges include training organisations from Austria, Denmark, Italy, France, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

For further information please visit our website:

Novgorod State University of Yaroslav-the-Wise (NovSU), (RU)


Novgorod State University (NovSU) is the major regional center of  continuous professional education. NovSU unites 8 institutes: Polytechnic, Humanities, Medical Education, Continuous Pedagogical Education, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Electronic and Information Systems, Economy and Management, Post Degree and Additional Education.

The university offers about 200 Bachelor, Master and Specialist programs. Currently there are 16 thousand students, among whom there are international students from 54 countries of the world. NovSU also organizes postgraduate and doctoral studies, internships, courses for improvement of professional skills, retraining of personnel.

NovSU continues the political and educational mission of the Novgorod Prince Yaroslav-the-Wise and sees its destination in the development of Russian education and science in the interests of an individual, society and state, in glorification of Novgorod lands by learning and unity. Its vocation is to bear professional knowledge and experience, to implement humanistic ideals and to build a social type of the individual adequate to the requirements of our time.

NovSU promotes cultural development of the regional community on a national and historical, spiritual and moral basis, while emphasizing the features and dynamics of “a learning university” on the latest organizational and technological basis.

For further information please visit our website: