The University of Paderborn (DE)

In the last phase of the project in 2013, the project is monitored academically especially in the context of external product evaluation by the University of Paderborn, Chair of Human Resources and Business Education II. As part of the evaluation process the products of the project, i.e. the EBBD portfolio with its description levels (profiles and learning areas), the accreditation process and relevant forms / documents as well as the EBBD certificate are evaluated using a criteria oriented approach. It is a document-based evaluation procedure, executed impartially, independently and non-biased. The product evaluation provides hints and relevant information for the project already before the project terminates. Especially product improvement hints are given earlier, due to the fact that they then are beneficial for quality assurance in the project and provide the project with the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. Accordingly there will be a feedback on the evaluation results into the project.

The University of Cologne (DE)


Since the beginning of the project the University of Cologne has been accompanying the project process from a scientific perspective. For this purpose the processes of implementing, disseminating and exploiting the EBBD-concept are analysed by various means of scientific methods, such as written questionnaires, interviews and group discussions. The results of the evaluations are mirrored and used reflectively for furhter process development. The following documents give an impression of the evaluations results achieved so far.