EBBD prime

European Business Baccalaureate Diploma

Professional Recognition of Internationalization, Mobility and Excellence (EBBDprime)


Presently there is the ever-accelerating digitalization that fundamentally changes the competences needed for employability and active participation as citizens.  However, recent research from the OECD and other partners shows that students’ mind- and skills-sets do not comply with these requirements.

Especially the younger students do have most unrealistic aspirations about the world of work and they are used to being taken care of in every aspect of their lives. Flexibility, mobility and open-mindedness, creativity, commitment, courage to experiment and learning from mistakes, as well as the willingness to make extra efforts can barely be found anymore.

The upper secondary vocational education program European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) provides learning opportunities where students can acquire necessary competences, attitudes and realistic aspirations and by fostering excellence.

The objectives of this project are to

  • adjust EBBD to the challenges caused by accelerated digitalization and equip students with the competences they need in the future
  • further standardize and harmonize EBBD in the different European countries by implementing ECVET based Learning Units and the European Frameworks regarding digitalization and Entrepreneurship and the Council recommendations concerning lifelong learning and democratic culture and citizenship
  • strengthen the network of EBBD colleges and their cooperation with stakeholders, in particular companies
  • better inform and guide students and parents
  • accredit more EBBD colleges in more European countries

The Project Coordinator: BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen (DE)

BBS Wirtschaft 1 is a VET college which offers a wide range of vocational education and higher commerical courses. In 2019 the college has about 2,000 students in total. Approximately 1,450 students are traditional apprentices employed by our dual partners. Their apprenticeship includes practical work in the companies and provides vital experiences for the apprentice’s further success on the labour market.

With nearly 300 students at the moment, the A-level education is a very important part of the college. Since 2008 BBS Wirtschaft 1 has participated in a trial for vocational schools in Rhineland-Palatinate which offers students bilingual business studies as an A-level course and a bilingual final exam. This programme was created in order to increase language skills which are crucial for future jobs in business and therefore improve the chances of our students on the job market. Since August 2013 BBS Wirtschaft 1 is accredited and since 2016 re-accredited to grant the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) to graduates of the bilingual A-levels if they meet certain requirements.  The main objectives of EBBD are to enable students to

studying, working and living in Europe. For further information please visit our website: https://www.bbsw1-lu.de/en/about-us.html


Project Coordination:

Ute Pentke


Tel. +49 621 504 4007 20

Achim Obst


Tel. +49 621 504 4007 13


Project Partners:

International Business College BHAK 12 (AT)


EBBD e.V. (D)

Gustav-Stresemann-Wirtschaftsschule (D)

Aalborg Handelsskole (DK)

Nazaret Fundazioa (ES)

Helsinki Business College (FI)

Istituto Istruzione Superiore A.Volta (IT)

Stichting ROC Summa College (NL)

Andrassy György Catholic Vocational School for Economics, Eger (HU)

Zespol Szkol Ekonomicznych (PL)