Instructions for Accreditation

Procedure chart

 1.   Letter of Interest

  • The applicant sends a Letter of Interest (LOI) to the country verifier. The contact information of the verifiers are listed on the EBBD Website:
  • The verifier checks if the accreditation of the applicant is likely or not. If everything looks fine the applicant receives
  • user ID and password plus a link for the access to the accreditation tool
  • invoice for application check
  • The applicant pays the fee for the application verification 100 €

.   2. Accreditation tool and verification

  • The applicant checks and completes their own customer data
  • The applicant fills in the required accreditation information
    • The institution can apply for accreditation in three different ways: profile students, profile adults and learning areas. The applicant can choose which option they want to use. The applicant will be able to fill in empty forms or country specific partly filled in forms, which already take into account for example national framework.
    • Before starting to fill in the forms the applicant should download the files into the program, to which they need to refer, when filling in the forms (e.g. syllabus, curriculum, national core curriculum, website etc.)
    • the application forms can be seen by clicking here.
    • Access the accreditation tool via this link: Enter the accreditation tool(you need your user name and password)
    • More specific user manual in the accreditation tool
  • Verifier checks the accreditation forms and informs the result to the applicant.
  • 3. EBBD e.V. membership and Accreditation
  • The applicant sends Declaration of Accession to EBBD e.V. and pays the annual membership fee of 100 € to EBBD e.V. account
  • The applicant receives invoice of 150 € for Accreditation fee
  • When EBBD e.V. has received the Declaration of Accession and the membership fee, the EBBD e.V. membership is finalized
  • When the applicant has paid the Accreditation fee the accreditation is finalized.