Instructions for Accreditation

 1.   Becoming member of EBBD e.V.

  • In order to apply for accreditation, interested schools need to become members of EBBD e.V., which can be achieved by following the instructions below:
    • Send Declaration of Accession to EBBD e.V. and pay the membership fee of 50 € to EBBD e.V. account.
    • After EBBD e.V. has received your Declaration of Accession and the membership fee, your EBBD e.V. membership has been finalized
    • After becoming member of EBBD e.V. your contact details will be added to EBBD e.V.’s Customer Database. There are two possibilities to enter the contact data into the Customer Database:
      • EBBD e.V. sends a link to the tool to a new member, who then creates an account and gets user id and password and fills in their contact data or
      • EBBD e.V creates an account for a new member, fills in the contact data for them, sends the link as well as user id and password to them and asks them to fill in the data which was not asked in the Declaration of Accession.

2.   Application process for accreditation

  • After becoming a member of EBBD e.V., the applicant sends a Letter of Interest (LOI) to a country verifier. The contact information of the verifiers are listed on the EBBD website:
  • The verifier checks from the Customer Data that the applicant data is up to date and the EBBD e.V. membership fee has been paid.
  • The verifier sends the applicant an e-mail and a request to pay the application checking fee.
  • After the application checking fee has been paid the verifier will change the status of the member to applicant in the customer database and gives the applicant right to access the accreditation tool from the customer database.
    • After the applicant has submitted the application and after the verifier has accepted it the applicant is requested to pay the fee for EBBD accreditation.

3.   Filling in the application forms

  • The institution can apply for accreditation in three different ways: profile students, profile adults and learning areas. The applicant can choose which option they want to use. The applicant will be able to fill in empty forms or country specific partly filled in forms, which already take into account for example national framework.
    • Before starting to fill in the forms the applicant should download the files into the program, to which they need to refer, when filling in the forms (e.g. syllabus, curriculum, national core curriculum, website etc.)
    • If you want to see the application forms, please click here .
  • You can access the accreditation tool via this link: Enter the accreditation tool (In order to access the tool, you need to get your user name and password from EBBD e.V.)
    • You will  find more specific user manual in the accreditation tool.