Diploma and portfolio 

The European Business Baccalaureate Diploma – EBBD allows students and adult learners to acquire a label of excellence in the field of business education. The required competences of this diploma form a standard harmonised portfolio throughout Europe. The EBBD portfolio defines a graduate’s profile, which can be reached within the various national education systems and in different ways. EBBD standards focus on learning outcomes. These are written as competent abilities from the three perspectives of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Knowledge, Skills and Competence mainly on the EQF levels 4 and 5.

The EBBD  supports the mobility of graduates and increases their opportunities in the European labour market.  It increases the competences of the graduates. It improves the methods of teaching and contents of studies in business education. It produces a highly skilled workforce for the European economy. All in all EBBD contributes to the development of the European field of business education.

An association EBBD e.V. has been established  for the cooperation of  business educators and for the accreditation of EBBD programs in European countries.

Two EU projects

In the first  multi-lateral Comenius-Project 2010-2013  „Netzwerk zur Entwicklung und Verbreitung eines europäischen Wirtschaftsabiturs (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma) – EuroBacDiploma“ theEBBD-portfolio  was developed by 11 partners. The project also defined and tested a procedure for accreditation and certification.

In the second Erasmus+ project 2014-2017 European Business Baccalaureate Diploma for All (EBBD+)  the adult education, where informal and non-formal learning is validated, was added as one target group of the diploma and the portfolio has been amended accordingly. The accreditation process was simplified and made web-based. Important objective in the project was the dissemination of the understanding of the competence based learning and the benefits of EBBD diploma.